Equinnections: The Power of Relationship and Connection

Presented by Cathy Buelow, Freedom Horse Coaching

~ Dear Soul Friends ~


Here in Minnesota we are the expanding light of Mother Earth and Father Sky - escorting, holding, nurturing us into the great love and great unknown of being human.

The horses inspire us to follow our hearts and intuition, and enter into the freedom and safety of the wholeness of being human.

My intention for this work is to deepen and expand our awareness of our interconnectedness to each other, the animals, the plants, and all of creation. We are at a critical time in the evolution of humanity and the Earth. We are being called to listen to and trust the spirit within to create and live our lives from a place of love and freedom. The spirit of Mother Earth, of Father Sky speaks to us through the movings and intuition of our heart, body and mind. Horse helps us cross the threshold into this inner landscape. Gathering in Community strengthens our commitment and power for the highest good. Create an experience of partnership with Horse, and nurture your imagination for what is possible for you and all of humanity.

Expand your sense of possibilities for yourself and all creation 

through the portal of the relationship with Horse.

Join in the creation of an amazing community of women who are actively committed to their own conscious evolution and the evolution of humanity.  

Discover living into the question of how you can truly flourish, relying on 

the wisdom of your heart-centered intuition.  

Experience the strong support of soul as you dive deep into the awareness of universal energy in the field that is you and all of life.

Shift into a new narrative of who you are, making conscious choices 

that support your soul-based self.

Share in a dynamic experiential learning adventure 

with each other and the horses.


"Cathy has such a supportive and caring demeanor, one feels a sense of safety and nurturing when working with her."

Jane Flanders


We are constantly in relationship with everyone and everything around us. We are not separate, but an amazing web or matrix. Horses are a beautiful doorway into the experience of the subtle energy of our own bodies, and the connection of those energies within all creation.

We create intention – to live out of love.

We build, deepen our self-awareness through a series of workshops, and the space in between.


"When I'm clear about about where I want to go, the horse naturally follows. If I'm not clear, the horse doesn't move. I immediately see the power of my thoughts in shaping my life. The experience with Cathy and the horses was both fun and life-changing."


Claim your life of joy and inspiration

When you live from your head, you struggle with fear, anxiety, worry, and judgment. Things don't go well. You stub your toe, burn the toast, the dog runs away — and that's only the first hour. Your feelings get hurt, you get angry and blame everyone around you.

When you live from your heart, even though things feel bad you can be present with them. There's something bigger than you that's holding your life in compassion and love. You're inspired as to what you are to be and do. You discover what you love from that place.

The horses act as a giant mirror.
When we work with horses, you receive the conscious awareness of what's really going on for you. You get to see where you're not being honest with yourself, where you're not being honest with others, where you're playing small, where you're not claiming the life you really want to live. 

The horses' gift is that they are by nature fully present in the moment and do not hold judgment. So it's easier to accept the reflection of who you are, and act on that awareness to choose different options for your life. In this way a joyful life is created.

Cathy Buelow



Open the gate to claiming a joyful life: I have a complimentary phone consultation geared towards you if you're ready to claim a joyful life. During this session you will:

* Gain clarity and focus about what a joyful life looks like for you
* See what’s getting in your way of having the life you want
* Formulate a powerful plan for moving your life forward
* Leave the session feeling re-energized about your life and its possibilities
* See how working with a coach and a horse can put you on the fast track for claiming a joyful life

Cathy Buelow




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