I'm excited we have a full group (although we could possibly fit in one more person) — we're going to focus on discovering your experience of what it's like to truly connect with a horse and with yourself. You'll know when you've communicated with the horse and the horse is listening.

I was recently in New Mexico and did a trail ride. The advice I got about the horse I'd be riding, Apache, was that I'd need to jerk her head up to keep her from eating grass while we were on the trail. When she put her head down to eat, I very lightly signaled her with the rein and she responded quickly. I really saw how communicating with Apache meant that I didn't need a heavy hand. All I needed was a clear intention and a gentle hand.

We won't be doing any riding in the Horse Play workshop, but the same principle applies. And it applies to communication with other beings — kids, employees, etc.!