Healing and Horse Play Workshop - September 17, 24 and Oct. 1, 2011

Come join us for this unique experiential healing workshop!

Experiential Outcomes:

  • A deeper connection to self, others, and source energy
  • Conscious knowing through the wisdom of the body
  • Alignment with our soul’s deep desire and higher purpose
  • Sensate connection to your intuition
  • Awareness of the wholeness and clarity of your intentions
  • Practical applications for daily living
 How the days will flow: 

Day 1: Creating a safe container for experiential learning with the horses and each other; grounding and balancing our energy centers. Developing awareness of boundaries, personal space and our energies through activities with the horses, reflection and dialogue.

Day 2:  Exploring intentional energy shifting, holding and sending conscious intention. Developing awareness of the impact of our intentions on self, other and the whole through our presence and connection with the horses. Continued reflection and dialogue.

Day 3: Level One Attunement in the healing practice of Reiki within the sacred circle of the spirit of the horse  Share Reiki with each other and the horses. The horses bring their direct connection with source energy to this sacred ritual of balance and healing.

Dates:     Saturdays: September 17 and 24, October 1

Time:       9:30 AM - 3:30 PM – Lunch & snacks provided

Where:    The Klein Farm, Inver Grove Heights

Cost:       $225 per workshop or $625 for the series

(If you haven't done previous horse guided work, your participation in Days 1 and 2 are important for getting the most from Day 3.  Call if you aren't sure if you qualify.)

Looking for your Inner Horse?

Horses can’t help but be directly connected to their source energy, which they lovingly share with us as teachers. They teach us how to stay/be in the moment, trust our inner knowingness, and to understand/know the power of our own energy.

What seems easy is our habit of thinking the world is “out there”, outside of ourselves, but that is because it is just a habit. When we tap into the power of our inner awareness, we can turn the habit inside out.

Your Horse Play Coaches:  Cathy Buelow & Ann Romberg


For more information: www.freedomhorsecoaching.com

or call Cathy at 651-315-3282


To register call Ann at 612-749-0956

This is all groundwork. There is no riding. No horse experience necessary



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