Reiki Connections

Energy Awareness, Healing and Personal Development

Level I Certification - Date to be determined

        Intro to Energy Awareness of self and others

        Receive the Reiki Level I Attunement 

Learn the history and the healing power of Reiki

Experience the hand positions, body and energy scanning

Practice giving Reiki to yourself and each other

Level II Certification - Date to be determined 

Receive the Reiki Level II Attunement

Learn the Level II Reiki symbols

Deepen your experience of the power and sacred space of giving and receiving Reiki

Learn and Practice distance healing

Intro to Reiki Healing with the Horses

Location: The Klein Farm, Inver Grove Heights, MN - A beautiful pastoral setting in the midst of the healing energy of nature       and horses. We invite the natural world to support us on our journey of connection to the field of healing energy.

    Directions will be sent upon registration 

Snacks, water, tea are included. Please bring your own lunch. Frig and microwave available.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Level I and II Reiki Training. Completion of Level I is required to register for Level II Training. 

Your investment:  Reiki Level I - $150       Reiki Level II - $200 

     Save when you sign up for both - $335 - Includes a comprehensive Reiki Manual    

For registration (space is limited) and questions, please email or 

call Cathy at 651-315-3282.

Reiki Energy Balance for Humans and Horses

Humans, horses, and all species have a life force energy flowing through them. When we are experiencing a sense of well being this energy flows freely through our bodies much like an electrical current. However, there are times when life force energy becomes blocked for any number of reasons, including experiencing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distress. The flow of energy gets out of balance and blocks the natural flow of the life force and love.

Reiki, which means universal life force in Japanese, is a way to bring balance, relaxation, compassion, love and light into our bodies and into our lives. Reiki energy bodywork taps into the relaxation response  for both horses and humans, reducing stress and releasing energy blocks in the body. This allows the energy to flow freely again, bringing the emotional, physical, mental and energy bodies back into balance so the body can do its job of healing itself. The healing work I do and teach is about creating and holding sacred space for healing to occur, for the body to heal itself. The Reiki practitioner is a channel for this energy through their hands and hearts. Giving and receiving healing energy is like a meditation as it brings us into that deeper awareness of our soul energy, a place of peace and relaxation, and a letting go of the stress of life.

Cathy Buelow, Reiki Master/Teacher offers Reiki Treatments  for humans and horses. She also teaches Reiki Levels I and II, and incorporates the horse/human connection with that training. 

Contact Cathy@FreedomHorseCoaching. com for more information.

Please note: Reiki is not a substitute for Conventional or Veterinary HealthCare. Reiki brings  comfort and a sense of well-being to all, and enhances the body’s ability to heal. 


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